This Visual C# sample project shows you how to configure your Trimble Lassen SQ GPS Module to make it work in it's different modes (NMEA output and TSIP input, or TSIP output and TSIP input) without using TsipChat. I developed it because I had some problems when trying to configure my Lassen SQ module with TsipChat on my computer ( under Win XP ).

Before using this software you should install NetComm control, from Richard Grier on your system. Otherway the program won't be able to access serial port and will cause a .NET JIT compiler exception. You can download it in: http://www.hardandsoftware.net/ Another option, if you don't want to use NETComm and have .NET Dev latest version, is modifying the project to make it work wiht Microsoft .NET MSComm control.

Needless to say that you should also have Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer if you only want to run the binary. To edit and rebuild source code you should also have Microsoft Visual Studio .NET installed on your system.

Using tsipSHOUT:
Programming the module:
First thing to do is configure computer serial port settings in Computer Serial Port Settings groupbox. These must be the same the module is using in order to enable comunication between your PC and LassenSQ, otherway PC and module won't understand eachother. If you haven't changed anything on the module, it should remain configured as it came from factory. Default factory settings are:

  Input Output:
9600 9600
Odd Odd
Data Bits:
8 8
Stop Bits:
1 1
LassenSQ default factory settings

If you have already configured your Lassen SQ module with other serial settings different than default serial settings, you should configure the same settings you set the module in Computer Serial Port Settings groupbox . This is because now, Lassen SQ ,only can recive data with the latest settings you configured.

tsipSHOUT Form snapshot

After configuring serial port, both the program and module should be ready to comunicate. Next thing to do is send your command data to Lassen SQ: you can choose your command in the combobox you'll find in Send data to GPS groupbox. When you select one comand, its byte secuence will apear in hex in the secuence textbox. You can modify it there if you want. Then, to send data you only have to press Send button, and if everything is allright, the module should recive the comand and execute it.

Tipical secuence:
- Settings: COM1 9600 bauds Odd 8 1
- Send: “Clear Battery Backup, then Reset: Factory Reset”
- Send: “Protocol configuration: Default, 4800baud, 4800baud, 8, No Parity, 1 stop bit, TSIP, MNEA (are standard NMEA settings)”
- Settings: COM1 4800 bauds None 8 1
- Send: ”MNEA message configuration: 1sec, GGA , VTG , ZDA” .

Reading NEMA data from GPS:
After configuring the module in NMEA mode, you can use tsipSHOUT Recive data from GPS (TSIP/NMEA) groupbox or Hyperterminal to view NMEA comands sent by Lassen SQ. If you don't see anything it means that probably something is wrong.

Options contained in Recive data from GPS (TSIP/NMEA) groupbox allow viewing ASCII data sent from GPS to PC. In fact it is only usefull to test that Lassen SQ has been properly configured to work in NMEA mode on which data is sent in ASCII . It can't be used to read TSIP data because in this mode data is sent in binary format. To use it press Read and wait 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, in the textbox should appear data sent from GPS during 10 seconds.

To use Windows Hyperterminal to read NNMEA data ( is better than using Recive data from GPS opition ) you only have to create a new connection using serial port (COM1, COM2, COMX... ) and configure properly serial port settings . These settings have to be the same the module is using, default are X bits per second, X data bits, X parity, X stop bits, X flow control

Very important:
Remeber that you can't connect Lassen SQ module directly to PC serial port. You should use a MAX232 transciver or equivalent IC to adapt signal voltages, otherway the module could be damaged.

MAX232 transciver circuit and 3.3 V lineal power supply

Click here to download tsipSHOUT.zip . Downloading tsipSHOUT Visual Studio.NET C# projects means accepting these conditions:

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