Raup's Coiler allows you to generate invertebrate shell 3D models, and export them to 3DStudio ( or other 3D software like SketchUP ) where you can apply textures and render effects, or simply use them on your scenes. Otherwise, you can also use it to understand how Raup's coiling model works. So it can be usefull to 3D modellers who need to generate realistic shell models for their scenes, or to paleontology and biology students interested on theoretical morphology
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Raup's coiling model:
This software is based in Raup's mathematical model, which applies the exponential coiling equation over a cone: the cone coils itself around the axis of coiling while it's section increases. It means that the shell could be understood as the surface that this cone section generates when it coils arround the axis. This model uses 4 parameters to describe the general form of the shell:
- S(Shape): is the shape of cone cross section which progressively enlarges after each complete whorl about the axis of coiling. So modifying this parámeter the section of the shell will change. 1 is a circle and other values are ellipses.
- D(Distance): is the relative distance between the generating curve and axis of coiling.
- T(Translation): the change of cone's movement along axis with respect to W.
- W(Expansion): is the change of cone's base size, it is a constant factor by which any lineal dimension of the generating curve is enlarged during a full revolution about axis of coiling.
D'<D''<D''' The bigger this parameter is, the faster the spirals expandsD'''
Diferent S values give diferent generatrix sections
Diferent shell whole sections for diferent T values
The program also uses other parameters that are not included in Raup's model but are usefull when generating the shell. These parameters are: Revolutions, Resolution and Rings/Revolution.
In scientific studies, this parámeters are obtained measuring real shells, but if you only want to obtain some realistic models for your scene you can play with them in the program to see what happens. It is recomended starting with very small values and increase them slowly until you reach the model you are looking for.
Generate your own shell model:
After having understood or having a notion about how Raup's coiling model works you can try to generate your own model. You can follow these steps to get your shell:
-First go to File > New and click Yes in Create new model? message box.
-Then adjust D, W, T and S parameters with their slide bars, or enter the values directly into their text boxes. Then adjust Revolutions, Resolution and Rings/rev the same way you have done with other parameters. Start giving small values to the parameters.You can start, for example, with this values: D=0, W=2, T=0, S=1, Revolutions=3 , Resolution=15, Rings/rev=18 .
-To see the results of selected parameters click over Draw shell button placed in the bottom right corner of the window. If the results are not what you were looking for, modify them a little and draw the shell again to see what happens. Repeat this until you have your desired shell 3d model.
Click here to get more examples. They will help you to understand how do this program and Raup's coiling model work.

Minimum requirements:
Minimum system requirements to run this software are:
- Pentium 200Mhz or compatible
- 32 MB RAM
- 3 MB of free hard disk
- Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7


Click here to download Raup's Coiler. Unzip in a folder the provided .zip file and then execute RaupsCoiler.exe. In Windows 7 it must be executed as administrator.

Downloading and using Raup's Coiler means accepting these conditions:

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