Lab Measurement Station:
Lab Measurement Station is a custom built multipurpose laboratory measuring tool which can be used as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal logger, aduio analyzer ... The Station is a PC equipped with an oscilloscope PCI card, a profesional audio PCI card, and a tactile 7"TFT screen. Everything is embedded into a compact 40x40x20cm metal case with the buttons and connectors needed to control the device and connect the probes. As you can see, this is more a "PC component integration" project rather than a "design" project. The only critical part which needed special atention was shielding the probe and audio connectors to avoid noise interfernces on measures.
It's features are:

- Oscilloscope:
         2 channels and 1 external trigger
         20 Mhz per channel

- Spectrum analyzer (FFT based):
         2 channels
         20 Mhz bandwidth

- Singal logger:
         2 simultaneus channels
         10 virutal channels on 5 consectuive measures

- Audio analyzer:
         Spectrum analyzer
         Audio signal generator


These are some pictures of the Laboratory Measurement Station:


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