- how I electrified and added MIDI connectivity to a spanish guitar -
The result
I have to say that I am very happy with the result, and despite I have other guitars this is the one I use more. The feeling of the instrument is identical to the feeling of a standard spanish guitar, with the only difference that the instrument weights a bit more and sounds much lower than a conventional spanish guitar. When connected to an amplifier, the sound of the instrument is very good too, and allows me to process and to modify it in ways I couldn't imagine with my original guitar. Now I can apply any sound effect with a very good sound quality without the coupling or noise problems I had when used a simple acoustic guitar mic. The 13 pin connector and the GR-55 processor also allows me to play MIDI instruments .

Pictures of the result

Control knobs and back side
Sometimes, when I connect the guitar to the MIDI processor, I get a nearly imperceptible buzzing noise. Maybe I could remove it by properly shielding the electronic boards and cables inside the guitar, but as I say, it can only be perceived with some effects when the gain of the amplifier is very high and I'm near a source of electromagnetic interferences.
The cost of the project was of approximately 355 Euros ( 200 Euros the pickup system, 150 the guitar and 15 euros the extra components ). Probably it won't be as good as a Godin MIDI nylon string guitar but it costed 4 times less and it is built the way I like it.

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